Policies Governing Enrollment

Undergraduate Unclassified Status for Credit Certificate Programs

  1. Unclassified Enrollment includes students who are not seeking a degree at the University of Miami and who meet the following requirements:

    1. Adults who have completed high school, or have an Equivalency Diploma, and who fulfill the requirements for admission to the University of Miami.
    2. Persons who have received a bachelor's degree. (For certificates in accounting and graphic design/illustration)
  2. Documents required in support of Unclassified Enrollment must be sent directly from the registrar of the high school, junior college, college, or university to the University of Miami, Office of Admissions.

    1. High School graduates only: an official transcript of high school work and an official copy of SAT scores if date of graduation was less than two years prior to the date of this application.
    2. College graduates or former students: an official transcript from the institution attended or a copy of the diploma.
    3. Students whose native language is not English: a score of at least 550 on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).
    4. GED graduates only: an official copy of Graduate Equivalency Diploma, an official copy of GED scores with a total score of 280 or more, and a high school transcript.
  3. No more than 30 credits completed in unclassified status may be applied toward an undergraduate degree.
  4. Unclassified certificate-seeking students are ineligible to receive credit through the CLEP or AP programs or through departmental proficiency examinations.
  5. Scholastic performance of unclassified students will be reviewed in the same manner as degree students. Unclassified students will be assigned to probationary categories and will become subject to dismissal in accordance with University policy for low scholarship.
  6. International students enrolled as unclassified certificate seeking students will not be issued I-20 forms.
  7. Evaluation of credits transferable to degree programs will not be made for unclassified certificate-seeking students.
  8. Certificate-seeking students admitted to unclassified status are not eligible for financial assistance.